Overcoming Obstacles to Faith

July 9, 2017 Hattie Kauffman is an award-winning news correspondent, journalist, correspondent, and Native American. Truthfully, I never heard of her prior to reading her memoir, which I read because it is on the United Methodist Women’s booklist for this year. But, I’m so glad that I read it because, as advertised, it is really… Continue reading Overcoming Obstacles to Faith

Seed Saver Exchange

July 8, 2017 I have long talked and dreamed about having my own vegetable garden. As a self-identified city girl, the thought of it is both overwhelming and exciting. I love the thought of purchasing my own gardening supplies, planting the seeds in my own soil, and watching them grow into something edible. Well, this… Continue reading Seed Saver Exchange

Religious Education in Schools

July 6, 2017 Faith Ed, Teaching About Religion in an Age of Intolerance, is one of those amazing lifechanging books that I think every American should read. It was written by Linda Wertheimer, a follower of the Jewish Faith, and it shines a light on American public schools and their view of teaching religions in… Continue reading Religious Education in Schools

Farm Fresh To You, I Love You

July 5, 2017 I recently joined a wonderful farm co-op in California, called Farm Fresh To You. I have now received 3 boxes of produce, delivered fresh right to my door in the middle of the night, and it is absolutely wonderful. I absolutely cannot say enough fabulous things about this service! I have had… Continue reading Farm Fresh To You, I Love You

Independence from Tyranny

July 4, 2017 Today we celebrate Independence Day in the United States, to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The Continental Congress voted in favor of Independence on July 2nd, and delegates from the 13 Colonies adopted it on the 4th of July. (For more detailed, and interesting!, information see History,com.) As a… Continue reading Independence from Tyranny