Lessons from the Holocaust

August 4, 2017 Night Will Fall. Unless we learn – that’s what will happen. And, now, more than 70 years after the holocaust, we continue to refuse to learn.  It’s a documentary that every person alive should see – in particular, I think that every American should see it. This is what we become when… Continue reading Lessons from the Holocaust

Sister Helen Prejean and the Fight Against Capital Punishment

August 3, 2017 I grew up on an “eye for an eye” doctrine, and really believed that the death penalty was just. Luckily, I had to write a paper on capital punishment during college, and what started out as a “pro” paper ended up as a “con” paper. Even though I am considered a heretic… Continue reading Sister Helen Prejean and the Fight Against Capital Punishment

The Shack and Finding God

July 31, 2017 The nature of God is sometimes so confusing. Is He really out there? Why doesn’t He intercede and stop bad things from happening to good people? Why do big miracles happen for some families, but not for others?  I don’t have any answers to these big questions, but a little fiction book… Continue reading The Shack and Finding God

Sugar Coated

July 29, 2017 I’m an elementary school teacher. Kids are great. Kids are smart. Kids love sugar. But, grownups love sugar too of course.  Sugar Coated is an extremely informative documentary about the sugar industry and their public relations campaign of the last 40+ years. Basically, they are pretty much like the tobacco industry –… Continue reading Sugar Coated

Online Trafficking

July 27, 2017 I can’t begin to imagine the horror of having a child go missing, or realizing that your young daughter has run away from home. But, adding to that – the horror of then seeing pictures of your daughter on the internet advertising her for sexual services? That is absolutely inconceivable.  I am… Continue reading Online Trafficking