Dreamcatchers Dream of Ending Sex Trafficking

July 15, 2017 Sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children is evident in every corner of the globe and in cities big and small. Thinking that the world is free of slavery is absolutely inaccurate. The more I learn about this seedy underworld, the more angered I become. Dreamcatchers is one of the latest documentary… Continue reading Dreamcatchers Dream of Ending Sex Trafficking

Class Rules and Class Views

July 14, 2017 Class Lives, by Chuck Collins, et al., really gets to the down and dirty of classism in the U.S. If you can read it without feeling ashamed of yourself, I can’t imagine it. The book is powerful. It is gripping. It is real. And, it will challenge you. The book is comprised… Continue reading Class Rules and Class Views

3 Strikes, Substance Abuse, and Grace

July 13, 2017 In 1994 California, the state that I was born and raised in, passed the ill-conceived “3 strikes law.” At the time, it was billed as one of those wonderful “get tough on crime” bills. In the end, as with all things related to mass incarceration, all it did was lock up scores… Continue reading 3 Strikes, Substance Abuse, and Grace

The Plastic Bank

July 12, 2017 Plastics are everywhere and they are polluting the world. And, as usual, this dangerous and unsightly pollution affects poor countries much more so than rich countries. Luckily, there are people who care about the problem. The Plastic Bank is one of the coolest organizations out there because they are seeking to serve the… Continue reading The Plastic Bank

City Kid Takes on a Garden

July 11, 2017 On July 10, 2017, I officially turned the tide from “city girl” to “country girl” by starting my very own vegetable garden! I had no idea it could be so much fun to attempt to grow something, but getting a little feel of the earth beneath my fingers was truly amazing. My… Continue reading City Kid Takes on a Garden

Hiroshima, Revised History, and a Prayer for Peace

Hiroshima: The Real Story, is a documentary about what led up to the U.S dropping the first-ever atomic bomb used in war, and the aftermath of that decision. It includes quite a lot of interviews with survivors, scientists, and historians. As you may imagine, it is raw and real and difficult to watch. It is… Continue reading Hiroshima, Revised History, and a Prayer for Peace