President Carter & The Fight for Women’s Rights

By Kristen Johnson I grew up in the Reagan years, so my memories of the Carter Administration are basically non-existent. I was alive when he was President, but too little to remember. However, after reading his book I am most definitely his biggest fan and I think he’s the best President we’ve ever had. Perhaps… Continue reading President Carter & The Fight for Women’s Rights

Supersize, Health, and the Path to Wellness

By Kristen Johnson I finally got around to seeing Supersize Me – a truly nauseating documentary about the fast food industry, and specifically what happens to a person when they subsist on a 30-day McDonald’s-only diet. Morgan Spurlock, the “dieter” in the film, agreed to eat at McDonald’s 3 times a day for 30 days,… Continue reading Supersize, Health, and the Path to Wellness

Lighthouse Relief and the Continuing Struggle to Help Refugees

By Kristen Johnson Lighthouse Relief hit my radar today because of the unique nature of its service to refugees as well as to the environment. It’s a really interesting concept and it seems to be one that is working. This wonderful organization for refugee relief started in 2015 and they operate in Greece, Ritsona, Katsikas and Filippiada… Continue reading Lighthouse Relief and the Continuing Struggle to Help Refugees

Unhappy Earth Day

By Kristen Johnson It’s extremely difficult to say “Happy Earth Day” today because it feels more like “Here Comes Doomsday” under the current U.S. Administration. For reasons that are absolutely bizarre, Donald Trump and many prominent officials deny that climate change even exists. This stance is bizarre, terrifying, and uneducated……basically it encapsulates everything I already feel… Continue reading Unhappy Earth Day

Cowhugger and Compassionate Consumerism

By Kristen Johnson If you are looking for environmentally friendly products for yourself and your family, and you should be, then look no further. My new favorite company, Cowhugger, provides products that are compassion-friendly (no dead animals!), as well as fairly and ethically made with human capital. Cowhugger is located in Southern California and was… Continue reading Cowhugger and Compassionate Consumerism

Compassionate Living

By Kristen Johnson Live and Let Live is a beautiful, peaceful documentary about loving and protecting animals, and the compassionate lifestyle of veganism. It is informative, well-researched, and filled with beautiful scenery of animals and humans interacting. I enjoyed the documentary because it included interviews from quite a few people working in animal rights, but… Continue reading Compassionate Living

Days for Girls

By Kristen Johnson It’s easy to talk about empowering young girls, encouraging them to receive an education, and work on lifting families out of poverty. But, in many places in the world, something very simple can keep young girls out of school, and it’s something women in the western world would never begin to consider.… Continue reading Days for Girls