City Kid Takes on a Garden

July 11, 2017

On July 10, 2017, I officially turned the tide from “city girl” to “country girl” by starting my very own vegetable garden! I had no idea it could be so much fun to attempt to grow something, but getting a little feel of the earth beneath my fingers was truly amazing.

My goal was to start a little garden with just a few vegetables. I wanted to start it in gardening pots, so that it could be moveable when needed. I also wanted to be sure that everything I grew would be non-GMO, and with organic products. It was simple to start and incredibly fun to do. I now completely understand why people are so drawn to gardening! I could do this all day!

I started at my local Johnson Garden Center in my adopted country-ish small town. The young lady working in the outdoor area was very helpful and walked me around to the things I needed. She helped me pick out some nice outdoor pots, a wonderful completely organic potting soil, and showed me to the “heirloom” (non-Monsanto, non-Frankinweird) seeds. The store looks small from the outside but the outdoor area is vast and beautiful:


Next stop, home. I had to start by getting everything from my car into the backyard. My feminist-side refused to wait for my husband to get home and haul that heavy bag of soil for me. So, I borrowed the push cart from the garage and got to business:


I also started my seeds soaking, because the kind young lady at the Garden Center said that’s the best way to “wake them up”:


The seeds I picked were great because, as I mentioned, they are heirloom/non-GMO. They are also appropriate for planting this time of year and useful – I eat bell peppers and romaine every single day, and I have dreams of feeding my non-GMO special carrots to our horse:


Then I laid out the pots in a nice line near our shed in the backyard. (Yes, the ground is really that dry – it’s been 100-110 degrees outside for several weeks now. I love summer!)


The best part was filling the pots with the organic soil. I confess that I went out and bought gardening gloves once I read the ingredients, which included both bat and chicken poop. It smelled to high-heaven and the dogs were really wanting to “help” me with it. Something about scooping it up and crumbling it with my hands was very satisfying!

Next step, I put all my seeds in as directed on the wonderful packaging – again, very satisfying, even though it was 103 degrees outside. Heck – sunglasses, suncreen, and a hat made the experience even more satisfying. With my awesome gardening gloves on to complete the ensemble, I felt “country” for sure. 🙂

Once my pots were planted it was time to water. It was at this point that I realized that the faucet in the backyard does not work, and I can’t find any other faucets!! Oh well – I did a DIY and grabbed a big bowl from the kitchen and filled it up repeatedly to get them all watered.

I will be returning to the gardening store today to get a new watering can!


I confess that although the packets say that nothing is expected to sprout for 10-20 days…..I ran outside first thing this morning to see if anything was sprouting. Nothing yet – but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something will sprout soon!

Wish me luck. This is way too much fun.

Isaiah 61:11 (NRSV): For as the earth brings forth its shoots, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring up, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring up before all the nations.

Serve all with love.

Rose photo courtesy of:


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