Fighting the Big “C”

June 19, 2017

Cancer – that nasty word nobody wants to ever hear. When you hear it, said about someone you love, the automatic response is absolute dread and a sick feeling in the stomach. What if there was another way to fight it? What if we could stop it before it even begins?

Stopping cancer before it even begins is the premise of the fabulous documentary, The C Word. This beautiful film details the life’s work of Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, a cancer survivor of nearly 20 years who ultimately succumbs to his disease. Because of life changes, he was able to extend his life expectancy from a few years to 20 – all because of lifestyle changes.

It was absolutely news to me that we all have cancer cells living in our bodies. Of course, we do not all get cancer. But, if we choose to “feed” our cancer cells over the course of our lifetimes, then we will likely develop cancer. However, if we “feed” our cells with all goodness then we likely won’t develop cancer. And, if we do develop cancer, these lifestyle changes can help us fight the disease or lengthen our lives (as it did in the case of Dr. Servan-Schreiber.) The lifestyle changes suggested come in the form of 4 pillars:

  1. Diet: Cut out nasty things that we put into our bodies that are known cancer causers and those that cause inflammation (which eventually lead to cancer and other diseases.) Cut out processed foods, sodas, meat (which is absolutely filled with carcinogens), potatoes and corn and other high-glycemic-index foods. Replace those foods with whole plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables, soy, whole grains, etc. Guess what? Eating a vegan diet is, in fact, healthy for you and it’s not hard to do. (I speak from 10 years of experience!)
  2. Exercise – do it every single day for the rest of your life. Just moderate exercise (6 days a week for 30 minutes) has been proven to show remarkable results for fighting against and fending off cancer. Go for a walk every day. Swim, bike, dance – whatever you like to do. Get up off the couch and just do it.
  3. Chemicals: This one is a little harder to do, because we aren’t always aware that we are “consuming” them. Obviously, we need to read food labels to be sure what we are putting into our bodies is safe. But, what about the furniture we are sitting on, the clothes we are wearing, the air we breathe? It’s time to demand change and the truth is that the FDA doesn’t regulate anything and big companies are “responsible” for testing what they put in the market. Guess what? They don’t test things and they don’t care about our health. It’s up to us. Buy organic cleaners, purchase only cosmetics that are eco-friendly, and don’t use nasty chemicals in your cooking and other chores. (I’ll never use Febreze or Pam Cooking spray again, that’s for sure.)
  4. Stress: Another tough one for sure, but again, it’s been proven that stress causes cancer growth, among other health problems. It’s tough not to “stress” about things we can’t control (and even things we can control.) Where will the money come from to pay the bills? Will I get laid off? Why are my relationships difficult? It’s time to “let it go” and learn to love each other. Do yoga, meditate, go for a walk, take the time to work on relationships. It’s not always easy, but clearly it’s important.

I really appreciate the filmmaker putting out her own struggle with breast cancer (as well as that of her sister) so that we might learn about these 4 pillars of fighting cancer and other diseases. The time has come and gone to fight the big pharmaceutical companies who only want to drug us up after we are diagnosed. It’s time to fight it before it even begins and that starts with our medical industry. Congress continues to mess with healthcare, but the answer so clearly lies in prevention! Thank you Meghan L. O’Hara for putting your truth out there for us to examine. I will continue to fight the good fight against Congress so that they will fight for our health. I hope others will join me in this incredibly difficult but important fight as well.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18:  So we do not lose heart. Even though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day. 17 For this slight momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all measure, 18 because we look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen; for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.

Serve all with love.

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