Serving Children with the Institute for Responsible Nutrition

By Kristen Johnson

60,000 children in the U.S. are now suffering from Type II diabetes. The food industry spends 2 billion dollars a year marketing to children. (IRN)  I daresay that the food industry isn’t advertising health foods, given what we see on television and in print ads!

It’s time to fight back and the Institute for Responsible Nutrition is doing just that. According to their research, 75% (yes that’s 75%!!) of the U.S. food supply contains added sugar! No wonder our children are suffering. The goal of the IRN is to be able to provide a clear and consistent source of science-based nutrition information to the public. This kind of resource is sorely needed, particularly for parents.

The IRN believes that we can reverse childhool obesity and Type II diabetes with real food and real science. Skip the junk science, call out the food companies who have been lying to us for decades, and ignore the politicians. Let’s fight back with good data and good science.

I am very pleased to see this kind of work in our community. I know from my work as an elementary educator that children are suffering, and they are not provided with proper nutrition on or off campus many times. (I am consistently shocked at the “snacks” that parents pack for children – Cheetos, high-sugar candy bars and cereals, etc. are completely the norm.  And that’s just snacks! You can’t believe what they eat in the cafeteria, courtesy of my tax-payer-funded meals.) I very happily joined the community and you can too here:

In addition to learning more about nutrition via IRN’s online community, just take a look at the vast set of resources on their website. You can look around to learn about metabolic health, resources for families, the food your children eat at school, get healthy recipes, and learn how your family can be responsible with sugar intake. Most importantly, you can take action and refuse to let the food industry continue their path to lie to, deceive, and continue to harm us.

Take a look here: There are many ways to fight the food industry. Join the campaigns. Vote with your pocketbook by refusing to purchase high-sugar processed foods for your family. Join letter-writing campaigns to make real change in our communities.

Thank you to the Institute for Responsible Nutrition for the work you do to help children. You inspire me!

Proverbs 22:6 (NRSV): Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.

Serve all with love.

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