In-N-Out Fighting Human Trafficking with the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation

By Kristen Johnson

It’s hard to find something to like about In-N-Out Burger, given all the senseless killing of animals, and the horrific fat and calorie parade of food options. But, I discovered that In ‘N Out has a foundation for fighting human trafficking, and that is indeed something to celebrate.

The Slave 2 Nothing Foundation, funded entirely by In-N-Out Burger, supports other organizations that fight human trafficking and to assist individuals fighting substance abuse. (In all my time working on fighting human trafficking, it has been my observation that substance abuse goes with it hand-in-hand.)

I really like what they have listed as their plan for assisting in the effort to fight human trafficking – focusing year 1 on California and Texas, year 2 on Nevada, and then year 3 on Utah and Oregon (thereby focusing on all the communities they serve, while concentrating on the communities with the biggest problems). I think it’s an awesome, quantifiable way of going about it.

Also impressive is their focus on how specifically to fight trafficking: Education, Justice, Rescue, Support. (Basically everything I’ve been writing about on this blog, whenever I write an update or write in support of a new organization working to fight trafficking.)

Unfortunately, the “who we support” tab does not list specific organizations that the foundation supports. I would like to know where the actual dollars are going, so it’s difficult for me to 100% support this organization, though I most certainly admire their efforts. I have several anti-human trafficking agencies that I am comfortable supporting (and do support) so if they need ideas I’m happy to send this information along!

To donate to the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation, or to find out more, check out the website:

Thank you In-N-Out for joining the fight against human trafficking. Your efforts are part of “living the Church” that I try to preach. Next step – end animal slavery and make all your restaurants into In-N-Out Vegan Restaurants. We can work together on that next!

John 15:12 (NRSV): This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

Serve all with love.

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