Defending Animals with Animal Equality

By Kristen Johnson

I’ve been a longtime supporter of several animal rights organizations, but a new one has just come across my radar – Animal Equality. Consider me impressed.

Animal Equality is an International farmed animal advocacy organisation that is dedicated to defending all animals through public education, campaigns and investigations. We work to create a more just and compassionate world for animals. (Animal Equality)

Considering the treatment of animals on factory farms, an organization that focuses on compassion and education is doing it right. (After all, “education” is what led me to veganism nearly 10 years ago – once I knew what was going on, I couldn’t possibly participate.) But, it’s more than that. Simply providing a “nice life” for an animal and then killing it isn’t good enough. How about not killing it?

Animal Equality’s website has several important links to assist the public:

  • Investigations: The organization does quite a few undercover investigations at factory farms and slaughterhouses. These videos are important. People need to understand how that package of chicken breasts gets on the shelf at the grocery store.
  • Take Action: I love this link because it starts with resources needed to start a plant-based diet. Choosing a life of compassion for animals is really easy with a support network of other vegans to help you start! The link also has a list of additional ways to join in activism.
  • Learn More: Everything you could ever want to know about meat and dairy production, circuses, bullfighting, zoos, etc. is contained here. Keep yourself educated about the issues!

It’s easy to support this super organization. Be sure to click on the US link to donate in dollars (unless of course you are in the UK – then click on the link to donate in pounds!)

A Big thank you to Animal Equality for the work you do, particularly the undercover investigations which provide the truth to the public. I admire your bravery and I am proud to be a supporter.

Matthew 5:7 (NRSV): Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.

Serve all with love.

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2 thoughts on “Defending Animals with Animal Equality

  1. Hi Kristen, Thanks for sharing animal equality dot net, I also had not known of their work and their focus. That focus includes farm animals — it’s where the greatest number of these fellow sentient beings become factors of production for the trillion-dollar industries that transform each molecule into a million barcodes.
    Your enthusiasm draws upon the beauty and justice that each animal is denied.
    Keep up the fine work 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! Enthusiasm for our fellow sentient beings is what I would like for everyone to have. I am encouraged to find that there are others out there who are learning about the evils of factory farming.


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