In Honor of Human Rights Day

By Kristen Johnson

Today is Human Rights Day – that day we commemorate the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948. In 1950, all states and interested organizations were invited by the UN to observe Human Rights Day each year on December 10. (

How will you stand up today for human rights? You might write a letter to your representatives about the rights of refugees, the LGBTQ community, people living in poverty, or undocumented immigrants. You might choose to support an organization working on human rights – I have a few of my favorites listed here.

Amnesty International: They work to protect human rights across the world. Their online letter-writing campaigns are truly inspiring, as they ask people around the world to get intimately involved in the rights of specific individuals. This hardworking organization works on everything from the death penalty to freedom of expression to torture. For more information, see here:

Human Rights Watch: Another one of my favorite human rights organizations – they work on fighting human rights abuses and saving lives. This wonderful organization works on accurate fact-finding and impartial reporting and working to make changes in policy and practice to protect human rights around the world. For more information, see here:

International Committee of the Red Cross: Well known throughout the world, this effective organization works quickly to help people affected by armed conflict, and responding to natural disasters in conflict zones. They work on everything from helping detainees to addressing sexual violence to enabling people with disabilities. It’s hard to say enough good things about the ICRC! For more information, see here:

Change begins with each and every one of us. How will you stand up for Human Rights today? Which organizations will you choose to support in the fight for rights for everyone?

Psalm 82:3 (NRSV): Give justice to the weak and the orphan; maintain the right of the lowly and the destitute.

Serve all with love.

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2 thoughts on “In Honor of Human Rights Day

    1. Thank you for your comment, though I do find it baffling. the Bible is filled with commands to love and serve our neighbors, to protect widows and orphans, to welcome refugees, etc. Jesus preached this endlessly, going so far as to say that serving our neighbors was the greatest commandment next to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind.


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