Spotlight on Becky’s House – Serving Victims of Domestic Violence

By Kristen Johnson

Becky’s House, located in San Diego, is part of the YWCA and the only domestic violence shelter in the area to accept clients 24 hours a day. This wonderful organization provides emergency shelter for victims, legal support, transitional housing, and allows victims to eventually obtain permanent housing and self-reliance. (YWCA San Diego).

This wonderful organization has two facilities – a 30-day emergency shelter called Vi McKinney Becky’s House Shelter which provides trauma counseling, housing security, therapeutic counseling, and more. Becky’s House Transitional Housing is a 12-month program for victims focusing on employment development, life skills, continuing education, obtaining permanent housing, etc. Clients are also provided with legal support and family services. For more information on this marvelous organization, see here:

Several months ago, the knitting and crochet group at my United Methodist Church voted to collect toiletries for a worthy, local organization. (This project is in addition to our usual work of providing handmade, warm clothing items for an organization in Arizona called Take to the Hills, that donates our items to people in need in the Sierra Madres, Sierra Alta, Rio Sonora and other regions of northern Mexico.) We were very blessed to be able to “vote” to serve Becky’s House with our toiletries.

The joy we get in serving others far exceeds any benefit the recipients could ever receive. I am so blessed by God to be called to serve, and to be able to serve with this wonderful group of Methodist ladies. Today, I was able to ship off our latest collections of toiletries for Becky’s House and we all hope that these items are able to help women (and men) in need in the shelter, and that they may provide some comfort.

I am amazed how much can be collected in a short time by a small group of committed Methodist ladies!


I am also blessed by a husband who doesn’t mind bringing home all of his extra soaps and shampoos from the many hotels he stays in during his work travels throughout the year! I know he will be pleased that these items can be used to serve others in need.

Thank you to the ladies of our knitting and crochet group – I am humbled by your commitment to serve the community!

John 12:26 (NRSV): Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there will my servant be also. Whoever serves me, the Father will honor.

Serve all with love.

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