Solar, Wind, and Unions

By Kristen Johnson

In the fight against climate change, every little victory is a good one. Luckily, we have not one, but two, little victories to celebrate today.

Rhode Island recently hired 300 Union Workers to build 5 wind turbines which will power 1,700 homes. The Northeast is in the process of shutting down coal and nuclear power plants, and luckily many of these workers see a future in renewable energy. So, it’s the beginning of hope for renewable energy, and for organized labor. Work on the design used 300 unionized iron and electrical workers! Some union workers are concerned about the shift to renewable energy, and it’s really only a drop in the bucket in the move towards using renewable energy on a bigger scale. But, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. (Christian Science Monitor).

In Idaho, a company called Solar Roadways recently unveiled 150 square feet of solar panels that people can walk and bicycle on. Using federal grant money, the company is working on panels that are strong enough for traffic, including semi-trailers. They are also working on plans to install solar panels that will recharge electric vehicles as they drive. Again, these are small gains, but certainly important gains because they hold so much potential for the future. (ABC News).

It’s time to start (or continue) to pester our politicians to continue to fight to fund projects that use renewable energy. We have already damaged the earth considerably, so now is the time to continue with any and all efforts to help the environment heal and to prevent further damage.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Eat less meat, or better yet – none at all! Take public transportation whenever possible.

Psalms 24:1 (NRSV): The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it.

Serve all with love.

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