Urban Decay, Unemployment, and the Great American Tale of Greed

By Kristen Johnson Urban decay, poverty, joblessness, homelessness, unions, access to healthcare and public transportation – all are covered in the moving and visually stunning documentary, Detropia. In a sort of Roger & Me update, it details the current bleak situation in the once great city of Detroit. I was blessed to view the documentary Roger & Me during college… Continue reading Urban Decay, Unemployment, and the Great American Tale of Greed


By Kristen Johnson Finally – a book for women of faith. Perhaps you were taught that women were to be a man’s “helpmate” as the best role. Perhaps you were taught that though women are valuable in the Church, they aren’t valuable enough to be ministers over men. Perhaps you felt angry or confused by these and other… Continue reading Femmevangelical

Fracking’s Broken Promises

By Kristen Johnson Big oil, fracking, natural gas, renewables – it’s all over the news and more so now than ever with reports of the big boom in “energy independence” in the U.S. It’s hard to make heads or tails of it, particularly when we try to sort fact from fiction, and falsehoods from exaggerations. Richard Heinberg’s book, Snake… Continue reading Fracking’s Broken Promises

Nick Yarris and Getting from Bitterness to Forgiveness

By Kristen Johnson 22 years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. Going from a place of despair to forgiveness? Seems inconceivable. That’s why I’m lending my support and prayer for this amazing man by the name of Nick Yarris. I’ve ordered a shirt to lend support to the campaign called #ImWithNick because Mr. Yarris sends… Continue reading Nick Yarris and Getting from Bitterness to Forgiveness

The Emperor’s New Clothes

By Kristen Johnson It’s easy to love Russell Brand, because he is a fabulous comedic actor, as well as a survivor of drug addiction. He’s also really easy to love because he is wickedly funny. It’s even easier to love him, because in spite of his enormous personal wealth, he is a committed activist for… Continue reading The Emperor’s New Clothes

Serving Children with the Institute for Responsible Nutrition

By Kristen Johnson 60,000 children in the U.S. are now suffering from Type II diabetes. The food industry spends 2 billion dollars a year marketing to children. (IRN)  I daresay that the food industry isn’t advertising health foods, given what we see on television and in print ads! It’s time to fight back and the Institute for… Continue reading Serving Children with the Institute for Responsible Nutrition

Black Lives Matter Too

By Kristen Johnson The history of Americans’ treatment of African Americans from slavery onwards is truly revolting. It started with forced migration through slavery, to a hundred years of Jim Crow and lynchings, to institutionalized racism through mass incarceration and governmental programs labeled as something other than what it is – racism. The documentary 13th is not an… Continue reading Black Lives Matter Too