Prescription Thugs

By Kristen Johnson Prescription Thugs angered me and it broke my heart. Americans are so addicted – drugs, alcohol, porn, video games – you name it. But, the really sad news is that we are also incredibly addicted to legal drugs – the kind you get right at your doctor’s office. How many times have we seen television… Continue reading Prescription Thugs

Justice for the Wrongly Convicted

By Kristen Johnson The criminal “justice” system makes things likede innocent versus guilty seem so simple. Somebody is accused, they are tried in court, and a jury of their peers finds them guilty. They go off to prison, sometimes to death row, and all is well. But what if the “guilty” party isn’t so guilty… Continue reading Justice for the Wrongly Convicted

Happy President’s Day?

By Kristen Johnson In the U.S. today, we are celebrating George Washington and Abraham Lincoln – two great American Presidents. It’s difficult to think about these two Presidents, arguably not perfect men, but with still arguably decent legacies……and then think of today’s U.S. President. Trying not to be morose is downright impossible. 1 Thessalonians 5:18… Continue reading Happy President’s Day?

Iraq and the Quest for Peace and Forgiveness

By Kristen Johnson My heart is broken. My heart hurts. I cry for a people I’ve never met, but have only seen on the “news” from home. I sit in my heated, comfortable home and feel nothing but pain and shame for the suffering my government has caused in a country I’ve never visited. The Road… Continue reading Iraq and the Quest for Peace and Forgiveness

Apostle Paul & Messages for Today

By Kristen Johnson But you have been called and continue to be called by Christ. You’re called to follow him daily in your life. You’re called to be an instrument of his love and grace. You’re called to live, give, and serve. As you answer that call, you will find that your own life and… Continue reading Apostle Paul & Messages for Today

Making Better Choices of our Food Choices

By Kristen Johnson Focusing on our health is a good thing, particularly in light of the travesty that makes up our healthcare system in the U.S. (Or should I say lack of healthcare, given the current dismantling of healthcare in Congress.) In spite of the fact that we should be focusing on preventative care, we instead focus… Continue reading Making Better Choices of our Food Choices

Saving the Ocean with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

By Kristen Johnson Our oceans are one of our most precious resources. Without our oceans, we would literally cease to exist, and yet we have polluted them beyond recognition, abused and overused the animals that reside within them, and generally misused her waters. Any time we can find an organization working to right these wrongs is… Continue reading Saving the Ocean with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society